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Chiropractor in Novato, CA

Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Podwojski Keelen Chiropractic Team

"I began seeing Dr. Keelen for migraine headaches which debilitated me 1-2 times per week. I had been through all the medical tests, MRI, CT scans etc. and was told there was "nothing wrong". I had given up and was taking a prescription drug several times a week for the headaches when a friend referred me to Gina. Since receiving care I have periods of 9 months or more symptom free from my headaches. When they do occur they are less intense and last hours instead of days. I am so thankful for Dr. Keelen, she is one of the most honest and ethical doctors I have dealt with and i have a high level of trust in her. She uses gentle adjustments and natural remedies which I also appreciate."

- Dana R. - Biologist

"Everyone should see Dr Keelen.  She is an exceptional chiropractor and extremely ethical practitioner.   I have a herniated disc in my lower back and she has been treating me for many years.  Her manner is professional, attentive and very caring. She seems to combine chiropractic with physical therapy. Her office is beautiful, clean and warm and her office staff are always friendly and professional.  With a combination of chiropractic adjustments, therapies and Dr Keelen's suggested exercise and home care, I now manage to maintain a pain free existence. I continue to see her periodically so that I can prevent a flare up from ever happening again. My three teenagers who all lead active lives and do sports and dance also see her.  And so does my husband who has a very physical job. Her costs are competitive and she spends as much time as you need and will not rush you through your appointment.  She has never tried to sign us up on some kind of long term plan and her office staff have been very helpful in working out our insurance benefits for chiropractic.  We consider her our primary health care provider and are very grateful to her for keeping our family healthy and well adjusted. BTW she also has a great massage therapist on staff! "

- Claudia S. -  Medical Assistant

"I've been receiving regular to semi-regular chiropractic care for almost twenty years and during that time have seen many chiropractors - both as a regular patient and once or twice while on vacation or when my regular doctor was away.  As a physical therapist myself, I have high standards for my healthcare.  I saw Dr Keelen for 3 years when I was working nearby at Kentfield Rehab.   She is by far the most talented DC I've seen, before or since.  I hold a lot of tension in my mid back, and many chiropractors have had difficulty obtaining regular motion in my T5-T6 region.  Not Gina - she was able to get a great adjustment every time and was incredibly gentle getting there.  She's smart, resourceful, kind and friendly.  She has my highest recommendations."

- Ziadee C. – Physical Therapist

"I have been seeing Dr. Keelen for 5 years. I had been to another Chiropractor and Physical Therapy with not much relief of pain in my upper back and arm. Dr. Keelen is an excellent listener, spends a great deal of time to assure that your needs are met and she gets the job done! She uses various methods to treat your specific ailment. I am now pain free in my arm and have full function of my right hand. She is the kindest person I've ever met, just talking to her makes you feel better. I continue to come periodically for neck and upper back tension. She keeps me moving and feeling of overall well being."

- Roberta D. - Administrator

I first went to Dr. Paul Podwojski with consistent rib and back pain. After only the first month, my chronic pain was reduced to just a few manageable aches in the later afternoon and evening. I now rarely have any pain at all!

Shortly after, I decided to bring my 3-year-old, who suffers from asthma and high fevers, exceeding 104, which she would get regularly. The first time she had a high fever Dr. Paul let me bring her in, fever and all. As he was adjusting her she fell asleep on the table! He let her sleep there peacefully for a little while, and when she woke up her fever had broken! It was the first time in over a year that her fever had lasted less than 4 days - and in fact, lasted for less than 24 hours. It was such a blessing and a relief to me!

I have also noticed a huge improvement in her asthma, and we haven't had to use her inhaler in over 10 months!

My whole family now visits Dr. Paul regularly for upkeep and I have noticed a marked improvement in our overall health. He is conscientious and always willing to address any concerns I may have. He truly wants my family to be as healthy as possible. 

I am SO grateful for Podwojski Keelen Chiropractic and would recommend them to anyone looking for a healthy alternative in their life!

~Heather Shirene

"One year ago I took a bad tumble down a steep hill and hurt my shoulder quite badly.  That resulted in not being able to sleep comfortably which made my back hurt.  I got so bad I couldn't sit, walk or sleep without pain.  My MD gave me pain pills and sent me to a surgeon who wanted to operate.  I met Dr. Paul and was immediately impressed and, after some thought, decided to "go for it".  Within two weeks I was "on the mend" and within 6 weeks was getting back to normal. I could once again sleep, sit and walk without pain.   It has now been 6 months and it's like a miracle.  I can do everything once again including touching my toes!  Yay.  My health is something that is paramount to me and I am SO glad to have it back.  Dr Paul is a true healer.  He is always enthusiastic and always so very kind.  I cannot say enough good things about Dr Paul and of course his caring and kind staff.  If you are in neck or back pain, or indeed just in pain, go see him.  The body is so interconnected that even seemingly unrelated pain can be fixed by chiropractic adjustments.  Thank you Dr Paul!!!"

~Peter Skeels

"I have been going to Dr. Paul Podwojski Chiropractic for 10 years and I have seen tremendous improvement with my health since then.  I used to suffer from sinus infections and lower back pain, which is why I went to him.  I am now sinus infection free and I have less back pain.  I also have noticed improvement in my energy levels.  He uses a gentle approach, as I was scared to have an adjustment in my neck, but he eased that fear.  I would highly recommend Dr. Paul!"

~Nita Robinson

I have had excellent results with Dr. Paul's care and guidance. One of the most valuable takeaways for me is that Dr. Paul gives me education of what the problem is and then gives constant encouragement. He listens and tailors the information to my healing. Plus...we better medicine. His staff is as helpful and spirited and willing to help as Dr. Paul. Thank you all !!! ~Sharon

"I'm so grateful for discovering Dr. Paul. In just one month, 10 years of chronic illness and pain has dramatically transformed. Dr. Paul offers a gentle, methodical and scientific approach to healing- taking you through your treatment in stages using a combination of exercises, adjustments, home care assignments, and tests. The office is spacious, bright, and clean and he has the most amazing staff who wonderfully enhance the treatment experience. After a thorough initial consult that includes x-rays, you never have to wonder about how your body is improving because Dr. Paul routinely performs tests to assess your progress. Dr. Paul is a true healer and expert. I am constantly impressed by how tuned he is to knowing when and how to take my treatment to the next stage. He offers a very kind bedside banner, expert knowledge of the body, a sensitive touch, and the utmost care. After seeing several other professionals, no one has compared to the treatment or results that I have seen with Dr. Paul. I couldn't have asked for better."  ~ Donna Lahey

"I've had chronic back pain for decades. Thanks to Dr. Paul, I'm beginning to experience longer and more frequent periods of being pain-free. I had given up thinking it was possible! I appreciate how Dr. Paul has a range of techniques for treating my back. Those, plus the physical therapy and home exercises are providing me with a customized, nuanced approach to healing that's wonderful. To top it off, everyone in the office is caring and friendly. I definitely recommend Dr. Paul." ~ Kevin Oshiro

"Since going to Dr. Paul I feel much healthier in many ways.  I can walk several miles on a regular basis with no pain or fatigue.  I sleep better and feel much more calm and relaxed.  I had pain in my left foot and was so used to it that I just lived with it.   I didn't even tell Dr. Paul about it.  After seeing him for a few weeks, I realized that it had gone away - amazing.   
Dr. Paul is an extremely kind and caring person.  He sincerely cares about all of his patients' well being.  And always has a smile for everyone!"  
~ Jan C

"I had bulging disk on my L4&L5 and had to have back surgery six years ago. Due to the pain that I endured before the surgery, it damaged my artery on my left food and caused numbness. A year after the surgery, I had been experiencing back pain simultaneously and was not able to walk, stand or sit straight. Last year, I went to see Dr. Paul and he did a full examination and provide me with full detail about the healing process including routine stretching and exercise at home. Even though my visit was not covered by my insurance company, I was given a Platinum option where all paid in full with a big discount. Few months after seeing Dr. Paul, I was able to stand straight and walk normal. I never felt this great before until I started my treatment with Dr. Paul." ~ Sn Rafael

"I first came to Dr. Paul after having one of those years that was stress packed from beginning to end. When I walked into his office I couldn't move my neck more than a few degrees in any direction without restriction and severe pain. The vertebrae were shifted and the curve in my neck was virtually nonexistent. Within a few treatments the pain was gone and my range of motion was fully restored.  With regular maintenance chiropractic care, and my own participation (something Dr. Paul emphasizes), we've realigned the vertebrae in my neck and have restored the natural curve. Pain? What pain? 

Since chiropractic addresses the whole person, I really appreciate one of the techniques he employs to restore the body. I feel like Network Spinal Analysis encourages my body to make many of its own changes back to systemic and structural balance with Dr. Paul as the guide. My body is ready for any manual adjustment he may then apply. PK Chiropractic really keeps my body and overall health functioning at the high level I enjoy and appreciate. Thanks!"
Cindy H.

"Dr. Paul is amazing! I used to have migraines at least 4 days a week, and was missing so much work because of them.  Since starting with them I only have a small migraine every couple of weeks.  I am able to go to work every day, and my life has been completely changed." ~Nicole Rugg

I have nothing but great things to say about my experience here and how Dr Paul has helped me with my overall health and is continuing to do so. All it takes is full commitment by showing up to you appointments and doing your daily exercises. It took me quite some time to stick with and I only wish I kept doing so back when I first started, but eventually I came back and now I am staying consistent with my program and I feel better now than I can remember and I'm only 26 years old . Thank you for not giving up on me!

~Trevor Robinson

Doctor Keelen is my miracle worker! She has been taking care of me for over 10 years though routine maintenance visits and through the occasional times when I need more intense, focused help. Doctor Keelen is passionate about helping her patients. She is an amazing doctor who truly loves her patients - and you will feel that every time you visit her!  She never rushes you out, in fact she devotes at least 20 to 30 minutes per visit. I always tell Doctor Keelen how much I appreciate her loving care, but today I wanted to tell the whole world!

~ Denise Zermani

"I didn't realize how amazing Dr. Podwojski was until I took a hiatus from going to his office for four months due to getting caught up and distracted with school. I went back today to revive treatment because I was starting to feel a complete lack of energy. After leaving his office I felt so great, so rejuvenated and so energized that I regretted not going into his office for for months." ~Jeremy Castro

"The work that Dr. Podwojski has done for my husband and me is really beneficial, but doesn't even compare to the benefit that our son has gotten. He is 2.5 and has been seeing Dr. Paul for months. When we started, his walking was significantly more limited because he was so tight and mis-aligned (congenital problems including torticollis). He started at 2-3 times per week and is now down to 1 visit every 4 weeks. With Dr. Paul's help, he can now run without falling down every few steps, his balance has improved to the point that he climbs almost everything, and he can turn his torso in both directions. We started in part because we wanted him to someday be able to kick a ball without falling down, but also because we knew that starting early would influence how well the work "stuck". His progress is almost indescribable and we couldn't be more grateful."  ~Naomo Fuhram

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